Festive doll hat


This is a really fun project to make with children. I made this for my daughter’s Barbie dolls inspired by the very large jingle bells I got from Docrafts. Also, my daughter loves Noddy who’s wearing a hat with a jingle bell.

All you need is: a circular object (could be some cardboard from the kitchen rolls or the round plastic bit from the juice bottles or anything else that will fit the head of the doll), some yarn and a large jingle bell. For the base I used the plastic core from my very narrow double sided tape (I always keep those just in case I might need them for something else).


First measure and cut the yarn. It doesn’t matter if all the strings are not the same length as you can trim them in the end (mine were around 15-20cm long). Cut as many as possible.

Next take your circular object and cover it with the yarn. To do so fold the string in half creating a loop, pass it around the circle and pull the loose ends through the loop. Repeat with the rest of the yarn until you cover all the circle.


Fix the hat on the doll and tie the top of the hat with a piece of yarn. Now all you need to do is to add the bell and you’re done. These can also be used as Christmas tree decorations.


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